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 „Passion is what brings those
things from thought to reality“

Established in 2005, Intelligent Digital Services GmbH has specialised in the design and development of high value added, high-quality and innovative products in the field of digital video broadcast consumer electronics and ODM designs for the worldwide retail and the pay TV industry. Delivering a wide range of products, from hard- and software development for consumer and professional electronics, advanced hybrid set top boxes, middleware- and user interface design, IoT products, DVRs, NVRs, headend components, networking products, embedded board design, digital meter and OTT applications for the pay TV market, audience metering- and ad-insertion, voice controlled units as well as content distribution.

IDS is one of the few business partners to offer mature and reliable solutions for our clients throughout the world. We are also integrated with a large number of chipsets and certified with many leading Conditional Acess Systems and DRMs (ex. Nagra/Conax, Verimatrix, CryptoGuard, Panaccess, NSTV, Safeview, xCrypt, ABV, etc.). We also offer for our ODM customers individual, professional hard- and software design til the industrialisation, whereas our compliance and elite manufacturing services allowing them to focus on sales and marketing.

Since 2008 we are proud to be a subsidary of Sandmartin International Holdings Co. Ltd.